appreciate them…


Happy Monday blog friends!

For those of you who don’t know,it is teacher appreciation week. Seeing posts,pictures,and whatnot had me thinking about my own journey into education. I have been blessed with great role models and educators.

In Pre-K there was Mrs. Hudson, she helped a scared little girl learn to love school. She taught us to imagine. In Kindergarten, there was Mrs. Middleton (Price now), who I thought was the most glamorous lady ever. She encouraged my reading skills and let me read to our class. I wanted to be just like her!
1st and 2nd grade, Mrs. Burnes and Mrs. Fargo. I loved both of them! They made learning so fun. They helped me to learn to serve others. They are great role models.
4th grade there was Mrs. Rhyne and the Purple Cows, ( I use it in my class now!). She was caring and inventive.
Mr. Kinsman in 5th grade. When I think about what I aspire to be as an educator, he is it. He was kind, enaging,and relevant. He made science interactive, reading novels more fun than movies,and the writing. He instilled a love of writing in me that’s still there. He was the best.
Middle school had Mrs. Arnett and Mr. Wicks. You all made History come alive and Algebra make sense. You all encouraged and believed in me.
There are so many other teachers, I could include in this, but the post would last forever!
I appreciate your investment in my life.
Reminding myself of these great educators, has reminded me of the great responsibility we carry.

Our words,helpful or hurtful, can stay with these students.

The way we feel about Math,Science,or Reading, will influence them.

We see them more than their parents some days.

In the span of 5 minutes we can be judge,banker, nurse, secretary, law enforcement,counselor,mom, and fixer.

Our job is not an 8 to 3,summers off kind of deal. It is a day in day out commitment to improving the life of a child. We don’t just teach then to multiply, read, or conduct an experiment. We teach them to respect others, to have courage, and be responsible.
We cry with them. We celebrate with them. We sometimes want it more for them than they do.
Our husbands and wives see our bank accounts, hearts, and brains emptied because they know we may be the only ones who cares.

It is my firm belief that teaching is a calling in my life. Without the grace of God, I don’t know how I’d make it.

It’s joy. It’s rewarding. It’s draining. It’s frustrating.
It’s worth it.

Though states may cut budgets, kids may fail tests, and students may never change, it’s worth it.

It’s an investment in the future. It is influence that can stretch generations.

So for this teacher appreciation week, I charge you to find those teachers in your life. Encourage them. Buy them a sonic drink.

I am grateful for those names I mentioned earlier! They have impacted my life the most wonderful way.

Fellow teachers, this is my prayer for you.
“When she (or he) speaks, they speak with wisdom and the teaching of kindness is on her tounge.” Proverbs 31:26.
I pray God will encourage you and work through you. That He will be you comfort,strength,and joy. I pray He will use you to impact your students. I pray He will remind you even in the most tiring times who you are in Him and who you are to your students.

I appreciate you.

With Joy,

Mrs. Kim



4 years later…



4 years have gone by since I started writing this blog.

Even through the times I was absent from writing, I still felt it’s presence.

I remember starting this blog. I was single. I had a great job, ministry involvement, my own apartment, and lots of friends. I felt like even though I was living a great life, there was a part to me that wasn’t as fulfilled. That’s when I got the idea to making a single-life bucket list, to teach my self to live more, and not just wait around for Mr. Right. I also began to see how God was working in my life through events and people around me. I wanted to capture it. That’s why I started the blog.

I wanted people like me to have a voice, an encouragement. Over the past 4 years, it it has encouraged me more times than I can count.

I thought today I would share some moments, lessons, and random ramblings that have been my favorite over the past 4 years. I am excited to see these spiritual markers in my life and how God has been at work this whole time.


The 4 best things that have happened to me in the past 4 years:

4. Refocusing my vision for ministry Four years ago, I had a great job, and I was looking forward to a time when I go in to full-time vocational ministry. Since that time, God has really shown me some things. I have been a full-time teacher for almost 4 years now, 3 of those years serving in a low-income, high ELL area. Ministry to me now is less of a “future calling,” and more of a present state of mind. Everyday, I feel like I am on mission for Jesus. He has used me in so many ways with co-workers, students, parents, and friends. I am humbled to go to work everyday and minister to children. I do teach them Math, Reading, Science, and Social Studies, but I pray my influence in their lives goes far beyond that.

3.  Losing Control-I felt that the past four years have been years I have learned to surrender. Years where I let go of expectations, control of situations, and my own plans for my life. I have stopped worrying so much about micromanaging areas of my life, and learned to trust God. His plans. His Purpose.

2.Going Abroad- I had the opportunity to go to the Middle East, and it changed my life for the good. I loved the people, the culture, and seeing how God is at work in the lives of those people half a world away. I have such compassion for these people now, I feel like they are my family. I thank God all the time for the ability to serve Him in that way. I often look back on those days with so much JOY and love for my Savior.

1. My Husband-I realize I may have readers from my single days, who don’t even know my husband. He is an amazing person, and a picture of God’s grace in my life. I couldn’t imagine life without Him now, or how anyone else in this world could get me besides him. He is smart, driven, talented, kind, caring, and has a heart to see our generation changed for Jesus. He is my continual answered prayer. I could go on and on and on, but I’ll digress.


4 things that God has taught me:

  1. To place my confidence in Him.
  2. To have a broken heart for the things that break His heart.
  3. To trust Him with my future.
  4. To know that my only JOY in life comes from Him. He is the GIVER of great things.

4 Favorite Blog Posts:

4. confident- February 1, 2016

3. the great teacher- September 13, 2013

2. days like these, March 29,2012

1.Meet me where I am at- February 23,2012


4 Favorite things I marked off my bucket list:

4. Going to the movies alone- I love it now! It’s my favorite

3. Blind Date- I had two unsuccessful ones, but the 3rd time was a charm for me!

2. Leaving the country- see above

  1. Starting Zumba- Still love it. I go 2-3 times a week. It makes me happy.


As I said earlier, this is not a deep theological post. I wanted to remember all of these great things that have happened in my life, since I decided to put it out there.

I will leave you with a verse that I feel has been my life the past for years.

“Strength and dignity are her clothing,
    and she laughs at the time to come.” Proverbs 31:25

What could you start today that God will use to transform you? Thank you Jesus for all these great things you give.


With Joy,

Miss Kim

be confident


Today I decided to forgo my usual Monday night Step Zumba Aerobics class to run outside in the sunshine.

It was beautiful. Often while on runs by myself, I think a lot. I daydream. I wander. It revives me in a way.

Today my train of thought went like this.

“Oh, TLC’s Waterfalls is playing from my playlist. This song brings me back to 4th grade( I know!), wait this says the song is from 1996. Has it really been 20 years since I was in 4th grade. Wowzers. Life has changed a lot since I played this single on repeat.”

I know. I am a very random person.

Anyway, that got me thinking about my past, and how through those formidable pre= teen years, I had to find a way to gain confidence.

We talked a little about this subject in Sunday school yesterday, and ever since, it has been in my mind.


I promise there is a point to today’s musings, but I need to circle around before I land.

As I started thinking about confidence, I started thinking about my favorite guilty pleasure TV show.

I know I will probably get my seminary wife card revoked for saying this, but I love The Bachelor.

I always have. Ever since season 1, I have been sucked in. I love the drama, the dates, the roses. It is all highly entertaining to me.

I’m not sure which of you reading this are Bachelor fans, but this season I have observed two very different types of confidence.

There is Olivia’s confidence. There is also the very different confidence of one Lauren B.

For those of you who haven’t viewed, Olivia is confidence supreme. She is outgoing, talkative, center of attention, and always the first to steal Ben away. She refers to Ben as her “husband.” She did get the coveted “first impression rose,” and few other speacial things, but it has all gone straight to her head. Basically believes in herself so much that she will stop at nothing to win Ben’s heart.  She is very demanding of his time, and always has to know “where this is going,” She is also insecure, shallow and self-absorbed.

Incidentally, all of these things don’t find her much favor with the other girls on the show.

Then there is Lauren B. Gentle, kind, warm, friendly. She too has had some of Ben’s attention, but it didn’t go straight to her head. She has had a date with him, and doesn’t get visibly upset when he has dates with others. She is calm in their conversations, and trusts the connection they have. She is nice to the other girls, spends time with them, and when there is drama, she is never anywhere to be found.

Both girls have confidence. They both have hope in a situation. Which kind of confidence would you rather have?

I know, you are like “Uhh, Lauren B. . That’s a no brainer.”

I know that seems like the best answer. When it comes down to it though how do you display confidence? More importantly, what is the foundation of your confidence?

Take this passage of scripture for instance:

“Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear—but let your adorning be pthe hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.” 1 peter 3:3-4 (ESV)

Most people,  myself included have viewed this passage and thought, “What I can’t be godly with my braids and gold necklaces? Come on God, you can’t be serious?”

Look at verse 4.  I believe this verse has a lot to do with the foundation of the godly woman’s confidence. I notice a few things in this verse.

  • The adorning is hidden in her heart. She doesn’t need all that fancy on the outside to prove her worth. Her worth is in Christ and that bubbles out from within. This is an example of someone who has hidden Truth inside and is letting it transform her.


  • The imperishable beauty. One day our hair won’t braid so easy. Our clothes will go out of style. We will lose all of the beautiful things that adorn us on the outside. The only thing that will last forever is God and that relationship that we have with him. It can’t be destroyed, lost, taken away, or too right. God’s love is forever.


  • The Gentle and Quiet Spirit– Confidence from a relationship with God brings forth these things. To me this doesn’t mean someone is super quiet and soft spoken. It means that through the relationship they have with God, they are able to have peace, to be at rest, to be friendly, and kind to others. They aren’t trusting in their own ability. Instead they are resting with God, knowing that He has fought the battle, he was it all taken care of. The quiet and gentle spirit reflects a spirit confident in God.

Now, I don’t know where Olivia or Lauren B. stand spiritually. I really hope that they both know Jesus, and if not that He is revealed to them.

I know in my own life, there have been times I was an Olivia. Times where I thought if I was loud enough, outgoing enough, aggressive enough, that everything would work out. I used to think confidence had to come from this really extroverted, my talents, my abilities place.

That place didn’t work for me. I just ended up more confused, more insecure, and not confident in anything.

Then, Jesus took hold of me . It’s been a process and has taken nearly 12 years for me to get to this place. I feel like a big lesson this year for me has been placing my confidence in Him.

  • Not in my abilities.
  • Not in my popularity.
  • Not in my awesome closet of clothes, makeup, and shoes.
  • Just in Him.

I have noticed in my own life that since I have done this I care less about impressing others, I don’t get as upset when things don’t go my way, I am happier with the way I look/feel, I am willing to take more risks, and I have a peace in my heart, even when things don’t work out.

I feel a lot more like Lauren B.

Learning to place my confidence in Jesus and not my own abilities has not been easy.

I don’t know where you are in this confidence journey today, but I know that I will be praying for you.

  • Praying that Jesus will come in and transform your heart.
  • Praying for strength when it gets hard to trust him.
  • Praying that you will become a person with and “imperishable beauty,” and “gentle and quiet spirit.”

Place your confidence in Jesus. He may not hand out roses at the end of every date, but in Him you have a HOPE, a FUTURE, and ETERNAL SALVATION.

Those things will never wilt.





do work.


I know.

I make you all a lot of empty promises. I say I am going to get back on the blogging bandwagon, then, “BOOM,” out of no where, I fall right back off.

Well, I am trying again. No promises this time. I felt the need in my heart to get back to this. Writing has always been a passion of mine. It’s been nearly 4 years since I have started this blog. Time and time again, I have seen the faithfulness of God play out through each word I type.

Writing is where I feel at home. It’s how I express myself. It lets the thoughtful introvert side of me that is always pushed out by the fun extroverted side of me, come through.

I’m back. Again.

In my 3rd grade classroom, there has been a theme this week. I have noticed that so many of them are becoming such AMAZING, kids, with great hearts. It’s humbling to have the privilege of serving them. Just humbling.

Today we celebrated our Student of the Month at our “Incredible Indian,” ceremony. I chose a girl who serves others well. She is kind, loving, and SUPER-encouraging.  As I picked her, I observed some things.

1. Every student in my class genuinely cheered for her and they seemed just as excited as if they were the winner.

2. She seemed honestly shocked and humbled. In 5 years of giving awards, she is the first one that ever cried tears of joy!

As we came back to class, she asked me, “Mrs. McCarty, why did you pick me?” I kind of went back over the things I had said about her. She said, “Me? Really? I did all those things?”

I then I asked my class how many of them felt special because of something she had done for them, everyone raised their hands.

See, this girl never set out to gain recognition. She never wanted to be important or the best.

Every single thing she does as an 8 year old is filtered through one thing.


Every single card I get. “Jesus loves you.”

Every single compliement she gives. “God thinks you are special.”

Every single day Jesus shines through this little girl.

When I think of her heart, I think of this verse.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, 24 knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.”

Colossians 3:23-24 ESV

When I think of myself, I really want to think of this verse.

Real talk: that’s not always the case.

Sometimes when I go the extra mile, it’s not always for Jesus. It’s for people. My intentions aren’t always true. Sometimes I even can get a little frustrated or angry when work goes unnoticed.

When those thoughts come creeping in my head, Jesus reminds me of a few things.

A) My life is not my own. When I accepted Jesus at the age of 17 I was “crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” – Galatians 2:20(NLT)

B) My job is not to impress other people. “For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.” Galatians 1:10

C) My desire should be to make Him known, not myself. “That’s why my cup is running over. This is the assigned moment for him to move into the center, while I slip off to the sidelines.” John 3:30 ( Message)

He also reminded me that He sees me. He knows my struggles. He knows my trials, triumphs and my heart. He has been with me through the brightest and darkest of days.

He has been there.

 “Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus,[a] who, though he was in the form of God, did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant,[b] being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.” Philipians 2:5-8 (ESV)

As far as I am concerned, He is the only one to be working for.

Jesus sees you too. He knows your heart and struggle. Talk to Him. Follow Him. Absorb His word. Take it in today.

With Joy,

Mrs. Kim



don’t miss this…


Nearly 3 years ago, I embarked on my first blogging journey.

Writing helped me find a voice I didn’t realize that needed to be let help. Each word I typed ingnited the passion I wanted to share with the world.

I started my blog as I single girl in my 20’s trying to figure out love, life, teaching, and my relationship with Jesus. I now have met  and married the man I always dreamed of, and now figuring out this next step in life’s journey.

Lately, I sensed something was missing. I love the life my husband and I share. We have nice jobs, house, a great church to serve in , and many meaningful relationships. To be honest, I was frustrated for a while.

How can we seemingly have all we want and feel like there is something missing?

Last week, I was sitting in our connect group, and our friend was leading. He said something simple, yet piercing into the innermost part of my heart.

He said, “Don’t miss Jesus.”

Those words stuck in my brain as we drove home. This is what I was missing. Jesus. I was too busy trying to be the best wife, teacher, children’s ministry worker, friend, and daughter I could be. Deadlines, schedules, and routines were consuming my thoughts. Yes, I was reading my bible, going to church, and praying, but its like I was missing the forest for the trees.

So now that I know what I was missing, how can I find it? I looked back over spiritual markers in my life. Times when I felt like I wasn’t missing Jesus. I logged into my blog website(that I haven’t made time for in ages!), and I read things I had wrote. It reminded me of some really great times and lessons learned. I knew what needed to come next.

I started my blog three years ago, to gain insight into what God is doing through the everyday-ness of my life. Now it’s time to gain that insight again. I am ready to write!

I thought about starting a completely new blog, but the more I looked at my old one, I just couldn’t bear to give it up.

I am excited to start my writing journey again, and elated to have you along for the ride. My husband, Anthony, will also be guest blogging from time to time. He is the smartest guy I know and I know you will learn a lot from him. I have updated our about me section and will continue to update in future days.  Welcome back to things Miss hmmm…well Mrs. Kim says(we will work out the details later!)! If you are new things for stopping by!

My nugget for today is Don’t miss Jesus! He is awesome and has a great plan for you! He is all around you. I see His presence in the everyday ness of life, and I am beyond thankful for that!

One last thing, if you feel like something is missing, or maybe you just feel stuck, I am taking comfort in this verse today(maybe you will too!)

“See, I am doing a new thing! Do you not percieve it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland,” Isaiah 43:19.

Don’t miss Jesus this week. Look and see what He is doing and wants to do through you!

With Joy,

Mrs. Kim


I have a student in my class this year. Among my co-workers, I lovingly call her my “little mama.” She keeps our class in line, she is always helping, and she even makes sure I am on task at times. She is great.

The other day she told me that she wanted to be a teacher just like me because it seemed like the “funnest job ever!” As she told me this, I was thinking in my head, it is also one of the most impossible jobs you can ever do.

One hour later, she was working in a center with a very challenging student I have. She came up to my teacher table and interrupted my group, which she never does.

“Ughh!! HE won’t listen to me! I have tried to help him 4 times and he just doesn’t listen!! He doesn’t get it. I am so frustrated. Maybe I shouldn’t be a teacher.”

I said, “I know, it’s hard, but don’t let it stop you.”

She said; ” I don’t know how you do it every day.”

I sat and though about that little exchange later, and can remember times even this week, where that thought has entered my mind. Satan gets into my thoughts and tells me things like, “You will never get through to him,” “They can’t learn,” “They did bad on that assignment because you didn’t do your job.” I look at other teachers and think ” I wish I was together,” Every time, my students mess up, I internalize and ponder what I can do to motivate them towards the right things.

Those little lies creep in and for a second I believe that it’s not worth it to teach. That  the long hours, tears, training, meetings, book studies, lesson plans, and money out of my pocket aren’t worth the sacrifice.

Then, I remember that Jesus calls us to more than what seems easy or convenient. He calls us to die to ourselves and our ways of life. Could it be that my life as a teacher really isn’t dependent on my own abilities and strength? That when I place Jesus at the center of my career, that he will guide me and lead me? WIll he not refresh me in times when I burn out? Will he not provide for me?

You see I try to disguise this ” I don’t feel like a great teacher ” stuff. Really, I am doubting God’s ability to work through my career.

The truth is, whether it says it in my title or not, I am an ambassador for Christ. I am in a room 8 hours a day with students who need to experience God’s love. 10 of my 15 students are ESL.  All of them come from not-so – ideal home environments.  They need to know they are loved and that Jesus loves them more than anyone on Earth ever could. I have a front row seat to impacting our next generation. Instead of obsessing over being that perfectly, put together teacher, I should be concerned with living my life in front of my students in a way that glorifies God.

I am challenging myself to do that. To fix my eyes on the unseen. To build relationships. To be an example to my co-workers and students.

I am not sure how long God will have me in this season of teaching. I realized that I need to get over myself, and make my time count.

I need to choose joy, over comparing my class to others.

I need to celebrate the wins and not dwell on the losses

I need to correct, but not condemn.

I need to learn to love without growing tired of the task.

Today could have easily been a high stress day. A computer program didn’t work, the kids grew restless during our assessments, there were several “little conflicts” to stop. I even had one kid lose his Friday ice cream truck privilege from the principal and throw an all our fit in the office(we are talking screaming, crying, kicking, threatening,) I almost let those things defeat me.

Instead I remembered Philippians 4:8, and I started thinking about the praiseworthy things.


Over half my kids making 100 on their test!

One of my lower students going from a 44 to perfect score in reading, making  perfect score on Math, and remembering her spelling words. (The look on her face was so precious.)

The fact that it was “Fancy Nancy Friday,” and my kids love story time on Fridays.

It was ice cream day and we had a blast.

Someone read their first sentence

My non-English speaker is understanding enough to recall what she has been learning!

We were able to do Just Dance at the end of the day

I was able to find a positive in each child.

Those are the things that push me forward through frustration. Through Common Core, red tape, and statistics. Through worrying about the homes my kids go to, and if they know they are safe.

Knowing that I let God use me today. Knowing I tried to make today great.  Having students like “little mama.”

These things are worth any time, money, or stress I expend.

My verse taped to my desk for this class is Galatians 6:9.

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.”

Encouraging you all to not give up in the good you are doing for His kingdom.

With Joy,

Miss Kim

the great teacher?

the wedding show.


Yesterday, I woke up super excited!

It was bridal show day. I mean, how blessed am I to have a bridal show 10 days after my engagement. 15 minutes from home.

This was the first “bride” moment. I couldn’t wait. I put on a dress that I was super excited to wear and then F.H. ( future husband) came to meet me for church. I looked in the mirror, the dress had a stain. I scrambled find another outfit. We rushed out of my house and realized that the new first service worship time had changed. No big, right? We just had some time to run errands before church.

After church, we ate lunch and headed over to the big affair. I was super smiley and happy.

Then, we got in.

I have a confession to make.

I had a mini-meltdown(no matter what F.H. may say, it was minor. lol).

All the choices, plans, and decisions got to me. The perfect linens, cakes, bouquets,venues started made me feel like our ideas weren’t great.

A girl beside me was freaking out because she only had 1 and 1/2 years left to plan. Were we crazy for aiming for 6 1/2 months?!

I saw the fancy getaways. Suddenly, my teacher salary and f.h.’s works two jobs aspiring church planter salaries didn’t seem that great.

I saw a whole world build for fantasy “biggest day of your lives,” I started to compare the plans I had for my own.

I burst into tears overwhelmed by it all.

My sweet f.h. just stood there and comforted me.

We walked out and saw this wall of t-shirts. There was a bride one right in the middle that said. “It’s all about me.”

As we drove to my house, I thought about that statement. Then, I realized why the bridal show made me meltdown.

It’s because I learned long ago that it is NOT all about me.

For a couple hours, I had gotten caught up in the bridal fantasy of the world revolving around your one special day in time.  Did I really want a huge elaborate ballgown, roses, unlimited budget, and an 8 foot cake? No! For a moment did I feel like I needed those things to have a happy wedding? Honestly, yes.

I looked over at f.h., and said “You know, cakes can fall apart, dresses will tear whether they cost 100 dollars or 10,000. Heck, the whole venue could fall apart. It doesn’t matter how much we plan and control these things. Nothing is guaranteed.”

The wedding can be a show. Just like the big show I attended. You can spend a ton of money professing your love. It still won’t make your marriage any better. I believe that I successful marriage rests solely in our dependence on God to guide us, not how much we can control.

He looked back at me and said, ” But God’s plans are perfect, and his love never fails.”

It was in that moment we made a promise that we are going to spend our engagement time focused on learning how to have a God-centered marriage, as opposed to a “picture-perfect” wedding. That we would remember to fix our eyes on the things that will matter 10 years down the road, and let the rest of the stuff work out how it works out.

I know it won’t be easy, but I know that I don’t want to me just another “all about me” bride.

Do I have ideas? You bet! Do I want the beautiful dress? I have only been looking forward to it for 27 years! If everything doesn’t go perfectly, will it ruin my marriage? Most certainly not.

As I retold this story to my lunch buddies, I realized that although some other brides get fancy stuff, that I have been blessed in so many ways. They told me I have a good fiance’ because a) He went to a bridal fair while Sunday football was on(he LOVES football), b) He enjoyed the bridal fair and let me take silly pictures, c) he knew exactly what I needed in the middle of my little meltdown, d) he is a spiritual leader and I know he will take care of us.

I cannot wait to marry my man! Yes, we may have homemade food, dresses that were on sale, and bouquets an decorations I did myself, but I would not trade it for the fanciest wedding in the world.

I looked over as we sat on my couch, making our bridal party invites(get excited bridal party!), I realized that the man I had prayed for for so many years was sitting right beside me. A man who understands my faults, loves my flaws, lets me vent, makes me laugh, and points my life towards Christ.  He has not only most things I ever wanted in husband, but also the things I needed.

I couldn’t have planned anyone better.


I ask that in this time of planning that you remind us of your plans and purposes for us. Help us to remember that You are the only thing that remains and that apart from You all is  in vain. Help us to bless others through our relationship and do more for Your kingdom together than we can apart. We love you. Amen.

I almost forgot. The wedding show wasn’t a total waste. I won a bracelet and after work today I found out we won two nights at the Embassy suites!


With joy,

Miss Kim