Hey Y’all!

That's me

Thanks for stopping by.  I’m Kim and it’s great to meet you! I am 28 year old Okie recently transplanted into NW Arkansas. I am a follower of Christ, newlywed wife, and teacher. I am in my 3 year as a 2nd grade teacher. I am blessed to work on the front lines of our education system, and I pray I make a difference. I like to read, shop, play,and binge watch netflix. I love to explore, create, learn, serve, plan and teach. People are my passion, and I value every day spent with family and friends. My desire is to know Christ, love my husband well, and mold the minds of the next generation.

My husband Anthony is immeasurably more than I ever could have hoped for! He is a logistically minded, Spirit led servant, and driven leader. He makes me laugh, challenges me, and strives to love me like Jesus does. He is a fellow Okie turned NWA’er. He likes reading, frisbee golf,sports, craft brews, and binge watching netflix. He loves to analyze, organize, plan,cook, and explore. He desires to know Christ, love me well, and reach the unchurched of our generation through church planting. He is the tall, bearded, blue-eyed boy with glasses that I can’t believe is mine every day!
My cute Mr.

I like  jogging, sunshine filled days, music, books, movies, travelling, and shopping. I love serving God and others, missions, talking with my friends, Mexican food, and Coke Zero.

Grace is my favorite word. Joyful always is what I strive to be. Hope is what I cling too.

Most importantly, We loved and redeemed by a wonderful Savior, and that is what makes this abundant life we lead all worthwhile.

Thanks for getting to know us and I hope you enjoy the daily musings of our life.

With Joy,
Mrs. Kim

Family fun at the 4th


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