the best.


Inspiration strikes two days in a row!

Watch out… the Writer’s Block may be over.

Today, I was talking to my mom on the phone. I was recounting some stories of the day, and brought up something that had happened with one of my more challenging students.

I made a new seating chart today, to help cut down on some unnecessary problems. My “challenging” student who battles with me on a daily basis was upset because he didn’t get to sit by his friends.

“It’s because you just don’t like me and want me to be by people I don’t like, isn’t it?” He yelled.

“No, it’s because this is what is best for you. You need to be in the front with a quieter crowd. I also thought that you could help our new student learn the ropes.” I replied.

He continued to whine at me saying I didn’t care. He finally asked me, ” Will I ever get to sit by my friend?”

I said, ” I am not sure if I can ever let that happen because my job is to teach you and help you do your best. When you sit by your friend, you do not put forth your best effort.”

He pouted, complained, and whined.

I went on with my day, just kind of counting it as an annoyance until I was in that conversation with my mom.

I was telling her that I couldn’t understand some  of the current situations in my life and what God was doing through them. I went on to talk about how if this one thing would just happen that I would be so good at it and that I deserved it and all of these other things.

This is a thing I have prayed for, for a long time. As much as I love and trust God, sometimes I still can’t understand why this thing hasn’t come to pass.

As I talked, it hit me that I was just like my student. I can only see what I want through my eyes. I can’t see how what I want will effect those around me, or what role getting/not getting it plays into God’s will.

Whoa. I got hit with Truth.

God desires to give us good things.He wants our lives to be abundant and glorifying to Him. He knows far better than we do, what is good for us.

I came to a moment where I had to surrender and listen to God say, ” You don’t understand why this isn’t happening right now. Right now you don’t know if it will ever happen. Whether it happens or not, you just need to trust Me. I will not leave you or forsake you. I love you and I want what’s best for you. Sometimes in waiting for what is best, you have to give up some things that aren’t best.”

That’s truth right there.

How about you? Do you ever feel like that challenging student? Do you have a hard time understanding why God won’t give us some of the things we think we need?

Believe me, I know, it’s hard to wait for what God has for us. Our hope is in Him and Him alone knowing that he works all things to together for good. 

If you notice, Romans 8:28 doesn’t say He works it out for Kim’s good, or his good, or their good.

It says. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who]have been called according to his purpose.” _ romans 8:28 (NIV)

You see that? He says “the good.” He is working things out for the good! The good that brings His plans to fruition and glory to His name.

It’s time we surrender all of our whining and complaining about God not fulfilling what we want and start posturing ourselves to see things from the perspective of His good.

I believe He has great, great plans for each one of us, we just have to trade in what we think is best in exchange for something better.

“Then he told them what they could expect for themselves: “Anyone who intends to come with me has to let me lead. You’re not in the driver’s seat—I am. Don’t run from suffering; embrace it. Follow me and I’ll show you how. Self-help is no help at all. Self-sacrifice is the way, my way, to finding yourself, your true self. What good would it do to get everything you want and lose you, the real you?” Luke 9:23-24 (MSG)


With Joy,

Miss Kim


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