Middle East Adventures Part 1: Loving Him is FUN!


Well, everyone. I did it! I marked travelling overseas off the bucket list!!

I am so glad I decided to embark on this journey. There are so many things I want to share with the blogging world.

I have decided to write a little bit each today to help collect my thoughts and reflect.

Just before we left for the M.E., I was at a stage in life were I had a lot of stressors, both positive and negative. I had gotten to a place in life where I forgot how much fun it is to love God and love people.

I was bogged down in all of the drama and yucky stuff.

When we arrived in the Middle East, my heart was renewed.

As we embraced the plans that God had laid before us, and embraced the people that He had given us, my heart began to feel lighter.

Life wasn’t as heavy as it had been. Having control wasn’t important. Being scheduled didn’t matter as much.

I got to focus on loving God and loving people.

We met some beautiful, loving people.

They embraced life. They ate. They worshiped God passionately. They were free with affections and encouragement. They prayed earnestly and invested whole-heartedly.

They were having SO much fun.

The more I experienced this culture, the more my heart was set free the bondage of getting bogged down in the day to day stress of life.

Then came the kids.

I LOVED getting to love on them. It was so so fun. Being a part of VBS, teaching recreation, playing games, and bible skills made my heart so happy each day.

Scenes of them reciting bible verses enthusiastically, singing at the top of their lungs, and playing games filled with laughter and joy quickly replaced the doubt and fear in my mind.

Being hugged on, fought over,  and followed after reminded me that letting people love you is such a blessing.

It reminded me of a country song,”Lovin’ You is Fun, ” by Easton Corbin. I could just use the whole song to relate to this principle, but I will just share the chorus. You can look the rest up.:)

“Love don’t have to be a bunch of drama
A bunch of knock down, drag-outs cryin’ in the rain
It’s alright to keep it light now mama, don’t you think
We’re having such a good time together, it’s only just begun
My heart’s never smiled so hard, baby, loving you is fun”

The 1st lesson I learned on my Middle East adventure is that Loving God is so so so FUN!

He reminded me of this verse. I hope that if you find yourself caught up in the day to day drudgery of life, you will remember this.

” Be Joyful Always. Pray Continually. Give Thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 thes 5:16-18.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment of Middle East Adventures as I tackle a new lesson learned.

With Joy ( and that fun kind of love),

Miss Kim


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