the wait.


It’s official. I can’t sleep.

Could be the Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi. Could be the baseball game I just invested about 2 hours of my life in. Could be the fact that I am leaving the country in about 60 ish hours. ( I pick that one.)

Today I had a lot of fun at work again. We had an all together staff meeting which are always fun! I did some more overcoming fear with the swings with one of the girls. I had a great conversation with one of my 6th grade boys. ( I sure am gonna miss them when they go to the big 7th and 8th grade center!), I caught up with the boy who got the boots. ( He also told me he accepted Jesus this week at his VBS! Yay!:) ), I had more good conversations, and then when I met my last kid at for a park visit, he brought along his fishing pole.

I had kinda been in the mood to go home and get things accomplished, but I knew it would do some good and be relaxing to hang out by the pond for a while.

I know, you are probably like ” Seriously, Kim, you just talked about fishermen.” I promise, this is COMPLETELY different than last time.

So, with our pole in tow, we sat out to the big pond at Honor Heights park. I love fishing there. It is one of my favorite places that my dad and I would go. It was a lot less intimidating to me than the huge lake was . I remember doing some dad/daughter tournaments while my little brother tagged along getting chase by ducks. When he was two, one bit him, and me catching a fish didn’t get to be the spotlighted event that dad. Little brothers. Geez.

Anyways, let’s get back on the track I was headed down.

This boy I was with is one of the best storytellers I have the honor of working with. Before I get to the moral of the story, I gotta share his funny quotes.

While going by a baseball field:

” Miss Kim, I used to play baseball. When I was like 3. I had to quit when I was 6. It just gets tiring playing that long for the Chicago cubs. I needed time off to relax.”

“Miss Kim, you have the brains and I have the fishing skills. I mean I haven’t caught anything and you had to help me cast, but I am pretty sure I have the fishing skills.”

” That crane over there comes here every summer. And spring. And fall… well, most every time I am here.”

(He was looking in my car) “Whoa, your gas tank is on full, I didn’t know that it could go all the way to full.”

” Those fish like to tell me where they are, but when I get there, they are already gone.”

There are many more quotes I could use, but I will stop there.

We moved about 10 times around this pond. He would continue to cast, wait, and see what would happen. A few times we had to pull the line out and get moss and trash off the hook.He would throw it back in and try again. If nothing happened, he would remember a new place to try,and start all over. He got the line hung in the tree. He didn’t get mad or upset. He didn’t cry. He tried to get it out. He pulled to hard and lost his lure. He didn’t get upset.     A man saw him do this and gave him an extra lure he had. He was thankful. I watched him in this process for about 1 1/2 hours.

The thing that struck me the most was his positive attitude. He didn’t complain about the heat. He didn’t get tired. He didn’t yell. He was patient. He was full of joy just to be in the process. He had peace. He didn’t catch any fish today, and he was fine with that. He loved the process and was hopeful for the next time we could go.

Hmm.. when I am waiting on things…I wonder…do I look like the picture of this child, or maybe do I look like something else?

Many times, I grow impatient, insensitive. I get frustrated, bitter, and angry. I try to find ways to cut down the wait or short-circuit it. I find distractions so I won’t think about the things I wait patiently for.

God revealed to me a truth He has told me many times. The times of waiting and being patient are times that He is molding us into the people He desires for us to be.

The process of the wait teaches us more than the actual thing we are waiting on. If we are content during the wait, we will be content when the “thing” comes our way.

God reminded me that the thing, event, person, place etc I am waiting on him isn’t what will bring me the most peace and joy.

Being content in Him is what is most important.

The joy and peace is shown just as much in the process as the end result.

The comfort in all of this waiting is knowing that God is good and he works all things for His good.

As I try to rest, I am going to rest in that.

I think the Message interpretation of James 1:2-4 expresses this.

“Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way.”

God is SO good!  Trust Him in the process.

With Joy,

Miss Kim


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