My job is very interesting. In the summer, since I also intern at the church, and we don’t have school everyday. I see clients on Mondays and Fridays. 

Summer appointments are necessarily better than school based appointments, but they are very enjoyable.

I wanted to share a few highlights of the day. I saw 9 of the kiddos today( would have been 13, but I had a cancellation), so lots of interesting things happened. Today at my job I:

  • Helped a child overcome separation anxiety by going for a walk. Along the way there were many BIG dogs, which brought out another fear. She said, ” I am scared, but I trust you because you are my friend.” (That melted my heart a bit) We made it home safely and she is excited for the next adventure!
  • Ate Hot Cheetos and drove around in a pretend fire-truck rescuing people.
  • Jumped out of not 1, but 2 swings.( We were working on worrying and trust)
  • Walked a plank on a big toy at the park to prove it was sturdy( see above reasoning)
  • Played Crazy 8’s 5 times.
  • Gave my Hand Sanitizer away as a prize because I forgot my treasure box.
  • Read a story about a little puppy who wouldn’t go to sleep. By the end of it the KG girl shouted, ” Oh Crap! Just go to sleep puppy!” (it was hard not to laugh)
  • Had some foot races 
  • Used the bats and big balls to practice letting out frustration and anger.He had to express frustration with each hit and then let it go.  After the boy did it, he pitched to me and I got to say what was making  me angry. It does feel good!:)
  • Heard all about TV shows 12 year old boys find entertaining.
  • Listened to stories about the weekend.
  • Taught 2 kids the appropriate way to express thankfulness.
  • Ate ice cream.
  • Did multiplication drills.
It was a pretty fun day. I see a lot of clients in the parks around town because they are easy to get to. Both my Monday office clients cancelled, so I got to spend all day out side. Not a bad Monday at all.
There was one session that as it was happening,I thought, yep this is where God is going to teach me something.
My analytically calculating, worrying 5th grader( he has been referenced before)and I were playing at a park by his house. He tends to worry a lot about all of the “what ifs.” We were talking and I decided we should go try the swings. He didn’t really like that idea. He told me he thought there was some faulty manufacturing, that the swings may break, that the sun might get the metal too hot. All kids of reasons. All the reasons boiled down to a basic thing.
Lack of faith in the swing and lack of trust in the design.
I got in both swings, swung, and jumped out of them. He told me he would go next, but each time he was so scared. 
I tried reasoning, “What’s the worst thing that can happen?”
I tried modeling. I jumped out of two swings today.
I tired encouraging.
None of it worked. This child was content sitting on the ground.
I felt for him because I wanted him to trust that the swing would hold him. I wanted him to have as much fun as I was having. I wanted him to feel the freedom that comes from swinging in the air. 
He was too scared though.
He was also too scarred.
You see, he had fallen out of a swing before, and that experience still plagued him.
I have been swinging for a while. I am sure I have fallen out before, and I remember being 7 and wondering if the chains could always hold me up. I know the risks, but I still love to swing.
It brings me great joy and when I look back, I don’t remember the times I have fallen. I just remember the times I soared. 
As, I was driving home I thought about that boy. Even though I did swing today, God reminded me that I sometimes act like him.
  • I let past failures determine future success.
  • I let past hurts invade my relationships with people in the present who really do care about me.
  • I am sometimes content just to sit on the ground and watch others soar while I stay put, recounting all of the reasons it is scary to try in this big world.
God also reminded me that the greatest Joy in my life has came from following after Him. That taking those risks, jumping in, and Trusting Him is way more fun than playing it safe.
My boy did come around towards the end. Although he was scared to death, he swung in the swing.He wasn’t the most excited about it, but he will trust that swing a little more tomorrow I bet. 
I am not sure if my words will make sense to anyone out there today, but I just wanted to encourage you to trust in God and allow Him to help you soar.
It is way more fun than staying on the ground. 

 “But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31


With Joy,

Miss Kim


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