a week in the life..


Well, hello there!

It has been entirely too long since my last blog.

Just a warning, this one may be a doozie. There are a lot of thoughts running through my head.

I think it is time for a week in review.

Monday: Pretty typical. Work. No interesting stories that I can remember. Home. Workout. Okay, Monday was usual. Let us move on.

Tuesday: Work and the Lord’s Supper service at church. We learned about Passover from a representative from Jews for Jesus. I could have listened to her all night. She was quite fascinating. Kind of like what I would imagine a Jesus-loving Tina Fey to be like. It was so amazing to me that the whole Passover tradition points to Jesus. So much History and Symbolism. I love History. I love finding the deeper meaning of things.

Wednesday: Mom’s 49th birthday! Yay! Work. Lunch at Harmony House. Last minute shopping. Celebration with mom and the early birthday girl, Kadence ( she is my cousin’s precious little girl.) Lots of fun and time with my family!

Thursday:Interesting work day. Lots of good sessions.

Worked with a student having some anxiety issues for quite a while. Got him to class. Later, as he had another attack, got him to P.E.  I am certain that the Holy Spirit is at work in my life, but if I ever needed evidence, my patience in that situation would be it. I am NOT a patient person by nature. I get frustrated easily. Somehow, in situations like the H.S. intervenes and amazes me with His work. It is humbling, for sure.

I found out that one of my kids, did the right thing, when they usually do the wrong thing! It was such an exciting moment to me and a testament to how kids will rise up to expectations. If you call them a thief and punish them for past mistakes, they will continue to act like a thief. If you expect them to change and do better, and actually BELIEVE that they will do better, most of the time they will rise up.

I hope I am always one of those people who believe things can get better. I hope to always expect the best out of people. I know I am sure glad  God expects my best from me. I am thankful that Jesus died for my sins, so that now God holds nothing against me.

Okay, I am getting off my soapbox now.

On Thursday, I also got to give Easter gifts to my kiddos. To see what they were and a description, check out my facebook.

Thursday was also my Friday, payday, and just a glorious day in general.

Friday: Slept in! Cleaned the house. Went to Taco Bueno/ Ross/ Dollar Jewelry Store/The Hunger Games with Sarah.  Got back in time to go to the Good Friday service at my church. Gelato. Catch up phone call.

Saturday: Ran my errands early, and proceeded to spend the rest of the day reading “Catching Fire,” (the 2nd book in the Hunger Games series.) I read the whole like in like 4 hours. It is so good. I have to make a confession: I love Peeta! I would so risk my life for him. I haven’t read the 3rd book yet. I need to pace myself. The movie was good, but the book are so much better. I have a lot of thoughts about them. I took a nap, and of course, dreamed about them, as I had just read them. I hung around the house a bit longer, and then decided I should be around people before I spent the rest of the night reading book 3. I had dinner with my mom and Mike, got back and went to bed early. It was a lazy Saturday, and I so needed it.

Sunday:  Resurrection Day! Got to church early, got the workers in place. Stayed downstairs with the babies during the early service. Ram around helping during Sunday School. Organized some drawers. Placed people for the late service, and made it to worship. Great music. Great message. Great Savior that has risen. Went to the FTG to have lunch with my family. Opened my Easter basket. I got a new owl, some Vera Bradley pens, a Cherry Berry card, some jewelry, and a hardback  copy of “Catching Fire.” (I have a copy of the Hunger Games, but read Catching Fire via the Kindle app on my computer. I wanted it for my collection though.) We ate, watched a movie, and visited my Grandma (who is recovering nicely.)

Well, that is what you have missed in my blogging hiatus! I pray that you all had a great Easter weekend and can comprehend how deeply loved you are by a Father who gave the most precious gift of all!

With Joy,

Miss Kim


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