I don’t know about y’all, but this was a long week at school for us. I think all the kids are beginning to get “spring fever!”

The truth is, I am too.

Yesterday, started out as a pretty normal Friday. Staff meeting at the office, then off to school. There was a lot of “drama” yesterday. It seems to have just decided to stay as a cloud over our Elementary.

I pressed on through the day, handling situations, discipline issues, and working on skills with restless kids who just really wanted to be outside. I don’t blame them. It was absolutely beautiful yesterday!

I had one hour left in the day, and was back in my little closet office. I contemplated finishing some paperwork, but then I remembered. It was 2nd grade P.E. time, and they were outside. I have 8 children I work with in the 2nd grade, so I decided I just needed to have some good ole’ justified fun!

P. E. has always been one of my favorite subjects, right after English, Spelling, and of course, Writing. I loved it so much I minored in it in college! I met the kids outside, and asked their Sub if it was okay if I started a kickball game. I love kickball. It is just a plain fun game to play. Hands down my favorite.

Some of my girls saw me, and started following me out on the field. First, I had about 7 students with me, and that number doubled by the time we started playing. I think we ended up with about 25 or so of the 45 2nd graders out there. 

We took turns kicking, playing the field, throwing the ball, and pitching. The competitive side of me thought about making rules and keeping score, but I decided it was so much more fun just to watch them.

I got to see the excitement on their faces as they kicked the ball and ran the bases. The cheers and support they had for the other players. The teamwork they displayed as they worked to get someone “out.” We all laughed and smiled. 

There were no fights. No bickering. All the stuff that usually bugs about 87% of them disappeared for that hour. They just played. It was an awesome.

As I left to go back to my office, I heard a resounding, “Thank you, Miss Kim!” from my precious 2nd grade friends. I know this sounds mushy, but it made me tear up a little bit. I really needed to be the one that thanked them for making the ordinary of my day extraordinary.

I believe God ordained that experience in my life to remind me of something. I can get bogged down in planning, conflicts, frustration, busywork, tough choices, and mundane. Through all of those things, there are still moments to be celebrated, joys to be share, and times where you just need to put everything aside and have fun.

You know, God does that for us. I mean He created the world and that is a busy job. He has things to do, problems to fix, seasons to change,and miracles to grant, but you better believe that when one of His children wants to spend time with Him, He is there.

It’s the weekend. I know we all have stuff to do, but let’s make sure we take time to have some good fun.

Let’s also make sure we make time just to delight in our Heavenly Father. I know he would sure love that.

“If we are willing, God is our song we are happy, our escape when we are tempted, our hope when we are despairing, our joy in tribulation, our strength in weakness, and our immortality in dying. Ultimately, He himself is our health.” -Beth Moore ( from the James study.)

With Joy,

Miss Kim


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