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Wow. It’s been one of those whirlwind weeks. Thankful to take a seat and catch a breath. Thankful it’s Friday!

So, this morning, I was thinking about life. I was thinking about how much life can change in the course of one year.

2/17/2011-Something  inside me knew I needed to remember this day. I was still working at the BCM, planning road trip, and praying for a children’s ministry job. I had just met a guy that I thought was pretty special and was giddy from that excitement.

I remember sitting in our bible study at Bob and Deb’s. We prayed for the job prospects I had. I had just started working more with Jayna, and earlier that day I had been at my 1st VBS clinic.

One of my roommates and I went out to my car after bible study, and I saw  I had a voicemail on my phone. It was a church. They wanted to interview me. I remember running and screaming and laughing with excitement. I felt on top of the world. I felt I had “arrived.” I also thought my days in Tahlequah were numbered.

Well, most of you may know this, but things didn’t work out with this scenario. The guy and I didn’t work out (PTL). I interviewed for that job, answered a lot of follow-up questions, and was in the running. Upon returning from the first spring break road trip I lead, I found out I was runner-up for the position.

God had other plans.

From March to July those plans continued to take shape as I interviewed, trained, interned, and got lots of guidance. Then, God revealed his plan that he had beautifully orchestrated.

Now 2/17/2012, I am STILL in Tahelquah ( I moved to the more grown up side though). I am still part of an amazing church family that I adore. I am still interning with someone who is a great friend/mentor/2nd mom. I have also received many new gifts of friends, opportunities, and challenges. God has placed me in a job where I am challenged, inspired, amazed, and frustrated most days. I get to invest in the lives of children each day and help them learn to believe in themselves. God has provided so many “Children’s Ministry Opportunities.”  I am still single, but I know that it just takes a lot of time to get the man ready who has to put up with me! 🙂

I don’t really know how I got here, but God does. In the past year, I have had highs, lows, wins, losses, joys, and sorrows and He has carried me through.  I am thankful for the place I am in right now. It is a good place to me.

He works ALL things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to his purposes. (Romans 8:28, paraphrased, emphasis added.)

Guess what guys?!?!?  #8 on the bucket list is happening. I will go into details later, but it is SO awesome!

#20 happened/is happening too. You may ask me about that in a more private setting.:)

Can’t wait to see what life will be like 2/17/2013!

With Joy,

Miss Kim



Vocabulary Lesson.


Well, I did think about going a bit deeper tonight, but I decided that I would  like to share with you something a little bit lighter.

You will not be sorry you decided to read the blog today! 

It’s time for a Miss Kim vocabulary lesson! These are all terms I have made up for certain situations that just need some definition. Enjoy!

Man Cleavage-  I know. Right off the bat, I come out with a crazy idea. Hear me out. So, men are usually attracted physically to women at first, while women tend to have more of an emotional attraction. Man Cleavage includes those little things that attract you to a person. Mine are if he loves children, loves his mom, has experience with people who have special needs, funny, and laughs at my jokes, among other things.

CBC-  I haven’t  used this one in a few years. This is a situation where two people of the opposite sex are friends. One or both of them may want to be more than friends, but they aren’t really sure how to hang out. CBC(Christian Booty Calls, don’t judge my phraseology), are non-threatening attempts to progress the friendship. Examples: Meeting together to get a bible study ready when you really just want to study each other. Practicing worship songs together until one of you decides to serenade the other. Things like that. I have also noticed with more people texting, a few more scenarios have popped up. This can be texting to say you are praying for them, or sending a bible verse to encourage them(or to let them know you are runnin’ through their mind.)

 Not to say people aren’t always genuine with their motives, but  I have been guilty. Maybe you have too.


The Hail Mary: In football, Hail Marys  very long forward passes thrown with only a small chance of success, usually used near the end of a half. In the relationship sense, this is when you send a call, message, or text to a person of the opposite sex that is kind of like a last attempt. Maybe you went on a couple dates and never heard from them. Maybe they stopped texting. Maybe yo have tried to get them to notice you, but they don’t. The Hail Mary is what you do to help the hope of that connection alive. Sometimes they fail. Sometimes they cause a win. It’s all in the execution.

SMOG-(this is from a friend) Sexy Man of God. I guess there could also be some SWOGS for you guys out there.

DTR(this one is popular) – Define the relationship. Pretty self-explanatory. A talk where you define your relationship.

Friendlationship (this is in a book)- Are they really just friends? They hang out all the time. Are they dating? Who knows….it looks like a friendlationship.

FtoF- friend to fiance’. Self-explanatory and usually is a result of a friendlationship.


I’m no relationship expert. These terms are mainly for entertainment purposes, but also to inform.


With Joy,

Miss Kim



like Jesus does.


Love them like Jesus does.

I don’t know about you, but it is really hard for me to practice that sometimes.

People upset me.

They frustrate me.

They reject me.

They break my heart.

They have hurt others.

They have hurt themselves.

They don’t live up to their potential.

They make choices I don’t like.


I am still supposed to love them? I don’t know how Jesus does it. I am trying something new. I am going to try to remove that baggage of hurt, disappointment, and frustration that I continually attach to some people. I am going to love them just as they are in that day. Not for who I think they can be. Not for who they used to be. I am going to love them for exactly who they are. 

It’s not gonna be easy. Loving people is really hard, but as Christians it is a command. 

Jesus didn’t take the easy road. He loved the unlovable. He friend-ed “sinners.” He died on cross because HE loved us so much.  He loves people who may never ever love Him back.

I think it’s time we started to love like Jesus does.

Relationships vs. Results


This morning when I woke up, I had a thought racing through my head among all the to-do’s and reminders.

“Remember to delight in the relationship, not just the result.”

I will admit it. I am results driven. Personality profiles like to call it “ambitious,” or ” goal-oriented,” to make it seem more pleasant.

The other side is that I  really like people. I am an extrovert to the nth degree. My strength on StrengthsFinder is winning others over(WOO). I love to engage with people. 

So, I have this constant struggle of balancing spending time in my relationships, with seeing results out of them.

Each morning, I try to see how many students I can meet with, how many goals we need to work on, and how caught up on paperwork. I try to see how much time I have to converse with this friend, send this note, text this person to let them know I am praying for them.

My life becomes one huge to-do list.

It’s time for me to chuck the proverbial to-do list, and delight in my relationship with God, and all the other relationships He has entrusted to me.

  • This means answering a friend’s call when I may just want to veg out.
  • This means spending time with someone not expecting anything, but showing love regardless of how they may act. 
  • This means taking the exra time with a student who is having a horrible day, instead of just worrying about how my schedule will get thrown off.
  • This means delighting in my time with God, not just marking it off a list.

” Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33


5th grade boys:( I am not promoting elementary age dances. I just found this humorous.)

” I am taking Alexis to the dance.” -kid 1

” Well drop my jaw and hit the floor!! How did you get her to go with you? She is at least Jeremy material. He is cuter than you.” -kid 

” All I had to do was ask. Jeremy didn’t ask.” -kid1


4th grade boys: (we were taking a personality strengths test)

“What is the blue personality?” -kid 1

” Those are the caregiver types. They are kind, loving, caring, and compassionate.” -Me

” I  am all those things! Why can’t I be that personality?” -kid1

” Well, you are, but you are just stronger in some other areas…..” -me (interrupted by kid 2)

“Hey, look guys….” -kid 2( gets cut off by kid 1)

“SHUT UP! Can’t you see I am talking?”-kid1

” You wonder why you don’t test as the kind personality…” -kid2


Kid at church:

” What are some sins?” -me

(totally serious) ” Slapping a cop.” -kid


Well, that is all the rambling I can take for one night! 


With joy,

Miss Kim



I think Tuesday became the new Monday this week.

That was evidenced by the first thing I saw when walking into my office.

My beautiful Valentine’s day door decoration  was on the floor. I am suspecting that either I didn’t use strong enough tape, or I am in fact the victim of a Valentine’s day hate crime.

I bought stronger tape.I secured that sucker to the door. Tomorrow morning will be the true test.

My day was filled with yet another lice scare, (I may have hand-sanitized my hair upon checking four children.), a very defiant child that is holding a grudge from yesterday, a really sick nervous girl, and many discipline issues.

I got a bit overwhelmed today. So I decided I would share with the world my Pow/Wow. Pow/Wow is something the kids and I start each session with. Pow is something that frustrated, scared, upset you. Wow is the thing that made your day.

Pow: This morning my precious, defiant kindergarten girl decided she was still mad from yesterday. She walked by all the other duty teachers and hugged them and told them to have a good day. She walked right by me and said I didn’t deserve a hug. 

That stung a little.


Wow: I worked with the most appreciative child today. He was sleeping in class and really hungry. I got to be the one to help wake him up. I gave him food. He didn’t have a coat. (it’s freezing today!). I got to to give him one. It was really neat to see that this little boy looked so sad and tired, but with a little attention, he started to flourish.

For a moment among all the icky, yucky stuff disappeared. God reminded me once again that He has placed me at the school to serve and love like Jesus would. 

I am one blessed girl!

Well, I am off to do one of my most favorite things: socialize, snack, and girl talk!

With joy,

Miss Kim

Monday, Monday…


Monday Observations:

  • The past two Mondays have been kinda blah. I found the remedy to that. Listening to “Forever,” by Chris Brown and packing pizza in your lunch box.
  • When you give a kindergartner a choice, make sure she understands the choice she makes. Otherwise, you are found getting yelled at in the hall by her after she doesn’t like said choice.
  • Paperwork is accomplished more quickly when the phone is turned off.
  • When driving home and deciding whether to go to the grocery store, or visit a friend at work, always pick the friend.
  • Subway is a hard place for indecisive people.
  • Cherry Berry is appropriate for most any celebration.
  • When deciding to jump from tile to tile in the hallway, make sure you aren’t wearing heels.

MYS bucket list progress: I am seriously considering doing something that really scares me, I just gotta get up the nerve.


How was your Monday?


With Joy,

Miss Kim

Here we go!


Hello World!!

My name is Kim. It is really nice to meet you!

In my blog, you will find a variety of lots of different things!

There will be:

  • Stories about kids I work with
  • Tales of Adventures I have with my friends
  • Life lessons
  • Things God is teaching me
  • Awkward moments
  • Things that inspire me
  • Things that make me laugh!

I am excited to start this journey of  displaying parts of my life out there for the world to see.

This will be SO MUCH fun!


With Joy,