let’s pray.


“If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land” 2 chronicles 7:14

I decided to start the prayer walking challenge I had set for myself in Sunday’s post.

Wednesday is notoriously the hardest  day for me. It’s long, it’s the middle of the week, and for some reason most discipline issues come about on Wednesday.

So, I  thought why not choose Wednesday to wake up 30 minutes earlier to pray? Things went pretty well. I was just 3 minutes behind schedule. I got my stuff, got out the door.

I got to my car and realized I had no keys. Uggh.

I called my roommate who happily let me in at 7:04 am (thanks!).  Crisis averted.

By the time I made it to school, I had about 25 minutes before breakfast duty. I drove around the neighborhood streets and prayed for the families. I sat in the parking lot and read Micah 5 as a battle cry for our school. I walked the halls and prayed for each staff member by name.

It was an awesome experience. I usually pray for school every day, but today I started seeing more tangible ways to impact our school community with prayer.

I started seeing plans, lists, charts in my head. I think this prayer project might grow bigger than imagined (which usually happens once I get my heart started in something:) ). I have all kinds of ideas in my head. Stay tuned for updates.

1st  school prayer walk: Success!

Do you have prayer walking techniques/strategies? I would love to hear them. Prayer requests? I would love to hear them too!

I hope that if you are a believer, that you are communing with God in prayer each day. I pray that you will draw near to him. I pray that He will wrap you in his love as you trust Him more. I also pray that you will be challenged and that your eyes will be open to how you can pray for the world around you.  Let’s pray. Let’s also believe that when we pray, God is going burst onto the scene and change lives!

Well, it’s been a long day. I have lots to share, but I feel like my bed is calling my name. I would like to leave you with a quote from my new favorite missionary from the 19th century.

“I am no longer anxious about anything, as I realize the Lord is able to carry out His will, and His will is mine. It makes no matter where He places me, or how. That is rather for Him to consider than for me; for in the easiest positions He must give me His grace, and in the most difficult, His grace is sufficient.”  -Hudson Taylor

With Joy,

Kim Eubanks


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