if there’s a problem, yo I’ll solve it.


Today I was a bit of a problem solver. 

I like solving problems. I gives me a sense of control in a sometimes chaotic world. 

I was walking down the hall and one of my students was talking to his teacher. She told me she had enough and wanted me to talk to him. I told him just to stay out of her way for the rest of the day and do his work. I didn’t really do much. The teacher thanked me for his change in behavior. Problem Solved.

I helping the school counselor with testing booklets and she lost one of them. We looked all over her office. I walked out into the main office, there it was. Problem solved

Then there was an incident I am lovingly calling “Lunchgate 2012.” (kind of like Watergate. I am a history nerd. I know.) A student had opened his lunchbox and all the food was gone. Someone had stolen it during class. Lots of people were questioned. No answer was found. 2 hours later. We got a confession. Not just one, but 3 students partook (is that a word?) in his lunch. They confessed to the principal, but I got to design the consequences. Problem  solved.

I am a fan of open and shut cases. I appreciate the sense of closure they bring.

Other issues, like my roommates internet connection problems, relationships, and the big lingering questions still flood my mind. I can’t fix those problems so easily. 

This reminds me that I don’t always get control. When I think I have control, I really don’t. The truth is that God is always in control. When things don’t work out and I can’t make sense of them. I just have to remember, He’s got this.

I  do like it when He lets me help.

How was your Monday?


With Joy,

Miss Kim


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