Friday afternoon, I found myself in one of those “pity me” moments.

Sadly, I have them more often than I want to admit.  It was about 4:30, and I wanted to go home.

All of the stress of the day, just flooded my mind. That morning, I had a misunderstanding with someone. Then, I had to talk to a parent who didn’t speak English. Even with a translator present, she still was not convinced her child had behavioral issues, and thought I was a Math tutor. Then I had another parent situation. After that, one of my kids got suspended. It was his 4th one since Christmas. All afternoon, this pattern of negative energy kept following me.

I couldn’t wait to go hang out with my girls, eat some good food, and watch a chick flick. I was pumped. Ready to go.

I couldn’t get in my car. My keys were locked in the ignition. Then, realized one of my tires was really low and needed to be replaced. I may have screamed.

Then, the Triple A people(we are very good friends now) came quickly. I had a helper to change the tire who didn’t even mind that the hatch on my car also was stuck. It is pretty interesting to try to pull a tire out of a backseat. I was back in business.

On my way home, I asked God for forgiveness. I asked my friends I had been whining at. I called and apologized to my mom for being a jerk.

I heard these song lyrics in my head: “In the middle of my little mess/I forget how big I am blessed.”

(Bear with me, this is a long post.)

I have decided to recount some blessings that happened in the middle of these messes, just since Friday.

  • One of my kids who sees me for social skills/anxiety WON the spelling bee. ( I was a proud momma!)
  • I spent the last 30 minutes of Friday, hula hooping in the gym, with some of the coolest 2nd graders.
  • Triple A came to unlock my car within 10 minutes of calling them.
  • We already had the tires to replace the one that was low.
  • We got my hatch unstuck!
  • I cleaned out my car in the process (it needed it)
  • I made it to dinner/movie with my friends on time, and we had a blast!
  • I got to present the Plan of Salvation at Upward.
  • I had some quality “me” time.
  • I spent Saturday evening with another good friend, with more laughs and memories made.
  • I was able to get the subs I needed for church this morning.
  • I had an abundance of people for Extended Session:)
  • I got to hear Beth Moore and Andy Stanley bring the Word today (via video)
  • I even took a nap.

There are more I can probably list. The point is that even in our stresses and messes, God blesses.

(Please remind me of this the next time I start the “Woe is me.” business.)

With Joy,

Miss Kim.


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