Wow. It’s been one of those whirlwind weeks. Thankful to take a seat and catch a breath. Thankful it’s Friday!

So, this morning, I was thinking about life. I was thinking about how much life can change in the course of one year.

2/17/2011-Something  inside me knew I needed to remember this day. I was still working at the BCM, planning road trip, and praying for a children’s ministry job. I had just met a guy that I thought was pretty special and was giddy from that excitement.

I remember sitting in our bible study at Bob and Deb’s. We prayed for the job prospects I had. I had just started working more with Jayna, and earlier that day I had been at my 1st VBS clinic.

One of my roommates and I went out to my car after bible study, and I saw  I had a voicemail on my phone. It was a church. They wanted to interview me. I remember running and screaming and laughing with excitement. I felt on top of the world. I felt I had “arrived.” I also thought my days in Tahlequah were numbered.

Well, most of you may know this, but things didn’t work out with this scenario. The guy and I didn’t work out (PTL). I interviewed for that job, answered a lot of follow-up questions, and was in the running. Upon returning from the first spring break road trip I lead, I found out I was runner-up for the position.

God had other plans.

From March to July those plans continued to take shape as I interviewed, trained, interned, and got lots of guidance. Then, God revealed his plan that he had beautifully orchestrated.

Now 2/17/2012, I am STILL in Tahelquah ( I moved to the more grown up side though). I am still part of an amazing church family that I adore. I am still interning with someone who is a great friend/mentor/2nd mom. I have also received many new gifts of friends, opportunities, and challenges. God has placed me in a job where I am challenged, inspired, amazed, and frustrated most days. I get to invest in the lives of children each day and help them learn to believe in themselves. God has provided so many “Children’s Ministry Opportunities.”  I am still single, but I know that it just takes a lot of time to get the man ready who has to put up with me! 🙂

I don’t really know how I got here, but God does. In the past year, I have had highs, lows, wins, losses, joys, and sorrows and He has carried me through.  I am thankful for the place I am in right now. It is a good place to me.

He works ALL things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to his purposes. (Romans 8:28, paraphrased, emphasis added.)

Guess what guys?!?!?  #8 on the bucket list is happening. I will go into details later, but it is SO awesome!

#20 happened/is happening too. You may ask me about that in a more private setting.:)

Can’t wait to see what life will be like 2/17/2013!

With Joy,

Miss Kim



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