Vocabulary Lesson.


Well, I did think about going a bit deeper tonight, but I decided that I would  like to share with you something a little bit lighter.

You will not be sorry you decided to read the blog today! 

It’s time for a Miss Kim vocabulary lesson! These are all terms I have made up for certain situations that just need some definition. Enjoy!

Man Cleavage-  I know. Right off the bat, I come out with a crazy idea. Hear me out. So, men are usually attracted physically to women at first, while women tend to have more of an emotional attraction. Man Cleavage includes those little things that attract you to a person. Mine are if he loves children, loves his mom, has experience with people who have special needs, funny, and laughs at my jokes, among other things.

CBC-  I haven’t  used this one in a few years. This is a situation where two people of the opposite sex are friends. One or both of them may want to be more than friends, but they aren’t really sure how to hang out. CBC(Christian Booty Calls, don’t judge my phraseology), are non-threatening attempts to progress the friendship. Examples: Meeting together to get a bible study ready when you really just want to study each other. Practicing worship songs together until one of you decides to serenade the other. Things like that. I have also noticed with more people texting, a few more scenarios have popped up. This can be texting to say you are praying for them, or sending a bible verse to encourage them(or to let them know you are runnin’ through their mind.)

 Not to say people aren’t always genuine with their motives, but  I have been guilty. Maybe you have too.


The Hail Mary: In football, Hail Marys  very long forward passes thrown with only a small chance of success, usually used near the end of a half. In the relationship sense, this is when you send a call, message, or text to a person of the opposite sex that is kind of like a last attempt. Maybe you went on a couple dates and never heard from them. Maybe they stopped texting. Maybe yo have tried to get them to notice you, but they don’t. The Hail Mary is what you do to help the hope of that connection alive. Sometimes they fail. Sometimes they cause a win. It’s all in the execution.

SMOG-(this is from a friend) Sexy Man of God. I guess there could also be some SWOGS for you guys out there.

DTR(this one is popular) – Define the relationship. Pretty self-explanatory. A talk where you define your relationship.

Friendlationship (this is in a book)- Are they really just friends? They hang out all the time. Are they dating? Who knows….it looks like a friendlationship.

FtoF- friend to fiance’. Self-explanatory and usually is a result of a friendlationship.


I’m no relationship expert. These terms are mainly for entertainment purposes, but also to inform.


With Joy,

Miss Kim




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