Relationships vs. Results


This morning when I woke up, I had a thought racing through my head among all the to-do’s and reminders.

“Remember to delight in the relationship, not just the result.”

I will admit it. I am results driven. Personality profiles like to call it “ambitious,” or ” goal-oriented,” to make it seem more pleasant.

The other side is that I  really like people. I am an extrovert to the nth degree. My strength on StrengthsFinder is winning others over(WOO). I love to engage with people. 

So, I have this constant struggle of balancing spending time in my relationships, with seeing results out of them.

Each morning, I try to see how many students I can meet with, how many goals we need to work on, and how caught up on paperwork. I try to see how much time I have to converse with this friend, send this note, text this person to let them know I am praying for them.

My life becomes one huge to-do list.

It’s time for me to chuck the proverbial to-do list, and delight in my relationship with God, and all the other relationships He has entrusted to me.

  • This means answering a friend’s call when I may just want to veg out.
  • This means spending time with someone not expecting anything, but showing love regardless of how they may act. 
  • This means taking the exra time with a student who is having a horrible day, instead of just worrying about how my schedule will get thrown off.
  • This means delighting in my time with God, not just marking it off a list.

” Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33


5th grade boys:( I am not promoting elementary age dances. I just found this humorous.)

” I am taking Alexis to the dance.” -kid 1

” Well drop my jaw and hit the floor!! How did you get her to go with you? She is at least Jeremy material. He is cuter than you.” -kid 

” All I had to do was ask. Jeremy didn’t ask.” -kid1


4th grade boys: (we were taking a personality strengths test)

“What is the blue personality?” -kid 1

” Those are the caregiver types. They are kind, loving, caring, and compassionate.” -Me

” I  am all those things! Why can’t I be that personality?” -kid1

” Well, you are, but you are just stronger in some other areas…..” -me (interrupted by kid 2)

“Hey, look guys….” -kid 2( gets cut off by kid 1)

“SHUT UP! Can’t you see I am talking?”-kid1

” You wonder why you don’t test as the kind personality…” -kid2


Kid at church:

” What are some sins?” -me

(totally serious) ” Slapping a cop.” -kid


Well, that is all the rambling I can take for one night! 


With joy,

Miss Kim


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