I think Tuesday became the new Monday this week.

That was evidenced by the first thing I saw when walking into my office.

My beautiful Valentine’s day door decoration  was on the floor. I am suspecting that either I didn’t use strong enough tape, or I am in fact the victim of a Valentine’s day hate crime.

I bought stronger tape.I secured that sucker to the door. Tomorrow morning will be the true test.

My day was filled with yet another lice scare, (I may have hand-sanitized my hair upon checking four children.), a very defiant child that is holding a grudge from yesterday, a really sick nervous girl, and many discipline issues.

I got a bit overwhelmed today. So I decided I would share with the world my Pow/Wow. Pow/Wow is something the kids and I start each session with. Pow is something that frustrated, scared, upset you. Wow is the thing that made your day.

Pow: This morning my precious, defiant kindergarten girl decided she was still mad from yesterday. She walked by all the other duty teachers and hugged them and told them to have a good day. She walked right by me and said I didn’t deserve a hug. 

That stung a little.


Wow: I worked with the most appreciative child today. He was sleeping in class and really hungry. I got to be the one to help wake him up. I gave him food. He didn’t have a coat. (it’s freezing today!). I got to to give him one. It was really neat to see that this little boy looked so sad and tired, but with a little attention, he started to flourish.

For a moment among all the icky, yucky stuff disappeared. God reminded me once again that He has placed me at the school to serve and love like Jesus would. 

I am one blessed girl!

Well, I am off to do one of my most favorite things: socialize, snack, and girl talk!

With joy,

Miss Kim


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