Monday, Monday…


Monday Observations:

  • The past two Mondays have been kinda blah. I found the remedy to that. Listening to “Forever,” by Chris Brown and packing pizza in your lunch box.
  • When you give a kindergartner a choice, make sure she understands the choice she makes. Otherwise, you are found getting yelled at in the hall by her after she doesn’t like said choice.
  • Paperwork is accomplished more quickly when the phone is turned off.
  • When driving home and deciding whether to go to the grocery store, or visit a friend at work, always pick the friend.
  • Subway is a hard place for indecisive people.
  • Cherry Berry is appropriate for most any celebration.
  • When deciding to jump from tile to tile in the hallway, make sure you aren’t wearing heels.

MYS bucket list progress: I am seriously considering doing something that really scares me, I just gotta get up the nerve.


How was your Monday?


With Joy,

Miss Kim


One response »

  1. Yes Kim, always choose the friend!! Our completely unplanned office talk, dinner, and cherry berry date made my day end on a great note! 🙂

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